BeamAir released for iOS

Finally, after a few months of development, we are happy to release our latest App, called „BeamAir“ for the iOS App Store. It is the first (and for sure not the last) non-gaming App by DonkeyCat.

The principle of BeamAir is simple: you select photos on your iPhone or iPad using the BeamAir app, while your viewers can watch your slideshow live as you are flicking through those images. It works on any internet connected device having a web browser – including desktops, laptops, tablets, projectors or even Smart TVs.

Beam Air is like the slide projector of the mobile age, that is available anywhere, anytime. It is easy and simple to set up –  no configuration, no registration, no login, no network setup, no manual pairing or bumping. All that is neeed to watch your stream is internet connectivity and an auto-generated session code which your viewers enter at

Of course, many users will love to use BeamAir to share private images taken with their devices with family and friends in real time. But we believe, it is also very useful in a business and educational environment.

Because one pretty cool thing about BeamAir is also, that it is not limited to images, you can also show PDF documents – this in particular useful for presentations in PDF format.

First, you select a PDF on your device – typically from an eMail, or like here, from dropbox and choose open with BeamAir.

IMG_7360 IMG_7361

In BeamAir, the slideshow is opened and a channel ID is generated.

IMG_7362 IMG_7363

Now, your viewers just enter the channel ID at or just go to the URL directly – and the presentation can start.

After you end your session, all images and slides are deleted permanently and are not accessible any more, so no traces of your slideshow remain on the internet.


8 Kommentare

  1. Allen Kent

    From ,“After you end your session, all images and slides are deleted permanently and are not accessible any more, so NOW traces of your slideshow remain on the internet.“ Is the word „now“ what you intended? This implies that traces of images and slides are still available on the internet. Perhaps you meant to use the word „no“ which says all traces of images and slides have been deleted.

  2. Ralf

    Is it also possible to share content via your server from one pc to an other without using a smartphone or pad computer?
    Would be interesting for classroom communication f. e. in a lab.



    • donkeycat

      Interesting idea – this is not yet feasible, but we might consider a desktop version of Beam Air. Having said this, the focus is still clearly on mobile devices as presentation control device.

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