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Coming Soon: „Hosn Obe – 31“ for iOS

We are happy to announce our next app which is submitted to the App Store today after many months of development and testing  – it’s a card game and will be available within the next one or two weeks in the store: It’s called „Hosn obe“  – which is Austrian German and means something like „Pants down“. This is a very popular variation – especially in the German Speaking part of Europe – of the card game Thirty-One. In Germany the game also commonly known as Schwimmen or also Knack, Schnauz, Wutz, Bull and many other names.


Of course, like in Schnopsn, players can choose if they would like to play with a German or French card deck and there are three AI strengths, of which the highest is – as we think – pretty challenging. Furthermore, it can be chosen how many players should be in the game (from 2-4)


As there are loads of regional and individual rule variations, we chose to include  three small rule variations to be selected for the first release, and we are waiting for user feedback which are the most popular rule variations to be included in future updates.


A multiplayer option for up to four players has been included, where players can user their iPhone and iPads to setup a local game via bluetooth or WLAN. One of the four acts as the game host / server while the other just join in – it is also possible to mix human and AI players in a multiplayer game.


If Hosn Obe manages to get enough users, online play is also considered to be added in one of the future updates, and with it some rankings and statistics … and maybe some more nice features