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Rank Master – Country Ranking Quiz released for iOS and Android

iTunesArtwork_512For Trivia games there are two kind of players: those who love to play them, and those that rather like to spend their time building their own farm, viking or mafia clan or flying birds through the air.

With Rank Master, we have built a game for the fist group, for all trivia and statistic geeks: Rank for or five countries by certain criterias like Population, Energy Consumption, GDP and many more. The more countries you have ranked correct, the more points you get. Simple gameplay, but it can be quite challenging to master the levels.

If Rank Master is your kind of game, you will be addicted after playing the first few rounds: Well, is pretty obvious that Brazil is larger than Ireland and that Switzerland has higher mountains than the Netherlands – But do you know, if Canada or China is larger? If India or Germany has more Internet Users? And where the heck are Vanuatu and Tonga after all?


Who's got the biggest paved road network?

Who’s got the biggest paved road network?

From a technical point of view it is our first major app done with Cocos2d-X and we are pretty happy with the result – and having almost the same codebases for all major platform is well worth the bit of additional effort. As Rank Master is out now for the two major Platforms iOS and Android, Windows Phone and also Blackberry might also get a Rank Master release in not too distant future.

We extracted the Data for RankMaster from the CIA World Factbook (if anybody is interested in a parser that extracts data from there, just let us know, we have one ) and are keeping it up to date with updates of the app – and obviously, countries are not the only category that could be ranked with the Rank Master App – think of cars, airplanes, cities or even people – stay tuned for future updates!

Probably for her, Rank Master would also have helped – well, at least she knew Hung(a)ry is a country, but Turkey?? That’s too much …

But somehow I think that it might not quite be her kind of game 😉

Rank Master can be downloaded in iOS App Store and Google Play

BeamAir – Preview Video for Next Version

The last months have been pretty busy – we added online play functionality to our iOS App of Schnopsn, have a new game called „Rank Master“ almost finished (more about it soon) and – most importantly: We are developing a major update for BeamAir

We want to shift the focus of BeamAir – apart from photo sharing – to turning BeamAir into the ultimate mobile presentation software, redefining the way presentations are done and making ad-hoc presentations possible anywhere, anytime to anyone with only seconds of setup – basically, just telling the viewers to enter the session at http://www.beamair.com and start presenting.

Our mantra / tagline will be „Mobile presenting“ – that should sum up what BeamAir is all about.

We believe it is very useful in a business and also educational environment – it will also be feasible to schedule presentations with a pre-reserved session ID and invite participants to this presenation in advance. Moreover, a telephone conference can be attached to any BeamAir session. We also integrate Dropbox in order to get documents from there and make it possible to save pdf documents and presentations directly in BeamAir. This should make it a lot easier to access your presentation material. We have to admit, the „Open with“ option to get PDFs into BeamAir 1.1. is not very comfortable at the moment.

But the (as we think) coolest feature will be the live whiteboard drawing – to add another level of interaction to your presentation.

We also made it to the final round of an Austrian startup contest, but unfotuately did not win against the – also really great – ideas of the other startups. However, we felt honored to be invited with our app in the first place- it shows that people consider BeamAir a good idea and this encouraged us to further pursue the development and marketing of BeamAir.

And, we also made a video for the contest (as good as we could at least), it is a preview for the next version and here it is:

The final version of BeamAir 1.5. which will be released in November might look a bit different, as apparently we are also optimizing its look and feel for iOS7. And we have quite a lot of ideas for Version 1.6. – and if 1.5. goes well, we will also consider doing an Android Version of BeamAir.

Top Ranks for DonkeyCat Card Games

A little more than one week ago we released our latest card game called „Hosn Obe -31“. Our primary goal to create graphically appealing and easy to use card games seems to pay off. Today „Hosn Obe“ is listed #1 at the App-Store Cardgame-Category followed by SchnopsnHD on second place. Schnopsn Lite claims the third place at the free-apps section. It’s a cool thing to have three of our games at the first App-Store page! 🙂



Some more news:

New Versions of Schnopsn HD and Schnopsn Lite are now available at the Apple App-Store. We have implemented completely refreshed HD card decks which look a lot more vibrant and sharper – especially on Retina  iPads. On Schnopsn HD you can now enable „Free Sort“ which allows you to sort cards on your hand the way you like – this also disables the automatic indicator for 20 and 40 and hereby makes the game even more realistic.

Schnopsn Lite now shows an Ad-Banner at the start page (only at the start page!) – as a „compensation“ it received many updates and features from it „bigger brother“.